UPTOWN delivers a refined cannabis experience. Founded by an industry veteran with decades of expertise, we apply extensive research to everything we produce. Our products are meticulously crafted, leveraging our comprehensive production knowledge to develop proprietary nano emulsion technology for our edibles and cannabis-derived terpenes across all our offerings.  In collaboration with local cultivators and farmers, our premium line of flower meets the highest standards of the finest strains. Born from a personal passion for the benefits of cannabis, we are committed to consistency, quality, taste, and efficacy in everything we create. Uptown is your town.


Our founder is a 9/11 survivor and comes from a long line of active military service members. At Uptown, we are deeply committed to giving back.

We support veterans, their families, and those affected by wars both at home and abroad. We actively seek out organizations that aid these groups and dedicate a percentage of our sales to support their efforts.